Nuix Web Review & Analytics has been recognized for Software Innovation in the World Business Awards 2016.
The World Business Award for Software Innovation recognizes software products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

Nuix is a privately owned Australian technology company that strives to provide investigative solutions within a digital context. They have developed Nuix Web Review & Analytics, which is designed to provide an accessible and integrated tool for corporate investigations and legal discovery.

Nuix Web Review & Analytics aims to enable users to share, search and analyse Nuix case data anywhere, any time. Designed as a web application that makes evidence securely and conveniently available for investigators, it can scale to tens or hundreds of reviewers per case. When creating the software, Nuix placed a heavy emphasis on accessibility, attempting to deliver a simple interface that can be used by anyone with minimal training or technology expertise to search, review and report on their findings.

By focusing on fast data processing, high data capacity and file variety, Nuix have designed their cloud-based software to include advanced search options, built in reporting and flexible security controls. Data can be visualised through a variety of functions, including timelines, trends and link analysis, which are designed to provide advanced functionality for a variety of investigations. This emphasis on flexibility is complimented by a focus on precise, secure and timely investigations – important factors in effective investigations.

Nuix Web Review & Analytics is built on Nuix’s patented engine, which has been optimised for unstructured and semi structured data across a number of forms of digitally stored information, and for understanding, at a forensic level, the operations of file and operating systems on computers and other digital devices.

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