Manhattan Warehouse Management

Manhattan Associates has been recognized for Logistical Innovation in the World Business Awards 2017 for the research and development of Manhattan Warehouse Management. The World Business Award for Logistical Innovation [LOG] recognizes products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs in the fields of logistics and supply chain management.

Manhattan Warehouse Management Solution is a portfolio of distribution management and transportation management software systems, built on a common Microsoft-based platform (Microsoft .NET technology) and designed to be rapidly implemented and deployed to meet the needs of industries such as manufacturers, wholesalers, food and beverage distributors and consumer packaged goods companies.

This software solution is a direct result of Manhattan’s investment in supply chain and logistical technology and experience working with the architects from the world’s leading distribution networks. Manhattan Warehouse Management Solution enables companies to rapidly adapt to changing operational needs while quickly achieving return on investment. Currently Manhattan Warehouse Management Solution is deployed at more than 1,300 companies around the world including with many of its customers having achieved return on investment in less than a year.

While there are a number of supply chain software solutions on the market, a point of difference of Manhattan Warehouse Management Solution is that it provides a bundled set of supply chain solutions that are all integrated onto a single platform, making it easy to deploy, manage and upgrade. These bundled set of supply chain solutions can be sold individually or together depending on the organisation and their warehouse structure.

Manhattan Warehouse Management Solution empowers organisations to not only remain competitive, but to actually gain market advantages over rival organisations, by tying together processes, data and workflows to cost-effectively enhance the overall performance of your supply chain. Manhattan Warehouse Management Solution can be implemented into any organisation that manages their own warehouse and distribution centre. In Australia the solution has been implemented into leading retailers, manufactures, health care, mining, consumer goods and third party logistics organisations.

Manhattan Warehouse Management Solution is specifically designed to be the right software tool to help companies affordably achieve their goals through a targeted set of powerful supply chain solutions and sophisticated logistics capabilities. It offers rapid deployment, an easy-to-use interface, a highly configurable environment and hassle-free upgrades, along with a low total cost of ownership. This allows businesses to realise big benefits without the big-system bloat. The solution is specifically architected to maximise speedto-value by reducing IT complexity and deployment.

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