Benchmark Estimating Software

Benchmark Estimating Software has been recognized for Software Innovation in the World Business Awards 2017.
The World Business Award for Software Innovation [SWR] recognizes software products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

Benchmark Estimating Software is a unique estimating and bidding software package developed to provide a complete front-end business solution which solves many of the problems and issues faced in many industries.  It is the first estimating package developed with the unique objective of being suited to the global market and successfully addresses the needs of both large corporations and government agencies.

A solution designed to support specific requirements across a wide range of industries including Asphalt, Civil Contractors, Construction, Landscaping, Local Government, Manufacturing, Rail, Road Authorities, Telecommunications and many more.

The product is flexible and easy-to-use and includes estimating, quoting, marketing, progress claims (valuations), variations and project reporting which allows users to streamline and simplify their cost estimating processes and significantly improve the consistency and accuracy of their quoting process.

Poor planning, poor quality bidding and inaccurate and ineffective estimating processes are recognised as the main reasons for both not winning the right projects and not achieving profitability on a project. For Government bodies, the ability to get the right prices to inform their budgets is identified as a key requirement. Requirements and needs which are difficult to achieve for most companies who still use Microsoft Excel for estimating.

The unique and innovative features of Benchmark Estimating Software address these needs specifically and assist companies achieve greater profitability through more consistent, accurate, efficient, and transparent estimating.

As an innovative company providing technology solutions, Benchmark Estimating Software is committed to staying ahead of and responding to changes in the global landscape by focusing their development on innovations that support and cater for these changes.

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