Q.: What types of organizations are eligible to participate?

A.: The program is open to organizations throughout the private, public and non-profit sectors including:

> Private Companies, Public Companies & Multi-National Subsidiaries
> Government Departments, Government Agencies, Local Government & Statutory Bodies
> Non-Government organizations
> Educational Institutions
> Franchise Systems & Partnerships

Q.: What types of initiatives are eligible to enter?

A.: Eligible Initiatives can include but are not limited to projects, programs, processes, services, systems, technologies, developments, ventures and undertakings.

Q.: What types of products are eligible to enter?

A.: Eligible Products can be tangible or intangible and can include but are not limited to manufactured goods, devices, equipment, services, programs, activities, applications, information, knowledge, software, cloud-based services, platforms and systems. Eligibility includes but is not limited to Business Products, Service Products, Technology Products, ICT Products, Software Products, Cloud Products, Mobile Applications, Industrial Products, Building Products, Scientific Products, Agricultural Products, Educational Products, Recreational Products, Eco Products and Consumer Products delivered through the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Q.: What are the product compliance criteria?

A.: Products must be commercially available and must comply with all applicable standards and regulatory requirements for the intended market.

Q.: What products are ineligible to enter?

A.: Prototypes, off-tool samples or products still undergoing trials are not eligible to enter.

Q.: Can entrants submit multiple product entries?

A.: There is currently no limit to the number of separate or unique entries that may be entered per year from the same organization.